Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Finns in Michigan Review...From Finland No Less

Click on the images to enlarge and read the review, top is first page of the review, bottom second
Above is another review of Finns in Michigan sent to me by the good folks at Michigan State University Press. This review was done by Dr. Mika Roinila, a professor at Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana. A kind of cool thing about this review is that it was done for the Finnish quarterly Siirtolaisuus/Migration, which is published by The Institute of Migration located in Turku, Finland. Dr. Roinila did a great job on the review. He wrote about some things he liked in the book, and also gave a good critique of what he would have liked to see more of in the book. As an author, I really enjoy reading a good, well thought out and well-written critique because I recognize there is always room to grow as a historian and writer. Critiques are a good chance to learn if you will allow yourself to listen.


Professor Lucas Archnell said...

I'm pretty damned impressed with the fact that you've come out with a book ALREADY in your first year as a Ph.D student. That is fucking awesome, Gary. I greet you at the start of what will be a successful career. I think you will deliver to our currently emaciating program a significant bounty of which the tummy-growling go-getters will eagerly partake while those preoccupied with their ivory issues will fix a grin and make their way to their nearest acolyte. Congratulations on what appears to me to be a work with great real-world worth.

Anonymous said...

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