Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Challenge Accepted Rough Manuscript In

I finally have a complete rough manuscript for Challenge Accepted: A Finnish Immigrant Response to Industrial America in Michigan’s Copper Country and it is off for a last check for overall content before heading to the editors. I'm hoping that the two images above can be used for the cover. They are from 1913 and were printed in the satirical publication Lapatossu. I think these images are great depictions of the growth of the Finnish immigrant labor movment. The top image represents the awakening of copper mine workers. The little portly fellows running are the mine owners. The image on bottom is the result of the awakening, a strike demonstration by the mass of workers.
Before beginning the process on these books I had no idea of how difficult and how many moving parts there are in the publishing business. Its pretty incredible to see a book move from what you write to bound copy; though as I wrote, that's an involved process. I have the greatest respect for book editors. As a person that is grammatically challenged, what these folks do is pretty incredible.

Now, a little about Challenge Accepted. This book grew out of my thesis work at Michigan Tech. I'm going to include a link to a page at Tech about the thesis: http://www.social.mtu.edu/gradthesesia.htm. If you scroll down three thesis abstracts you will get to an abstract and some images from my work.
The book is quite a bit different from the thesis in that I have included some additional research and more line drawings of the actual buildings. Also included is much more about the 1913-14 Michigan Copper Miners' strike. The book version also has 7 chapters in its current form, a big departure from the thesis, which had only four. I'll update with some more information and a little info on an upcoming speaking engagement in Calumet, MI, I have regarding a history of the Progressive Era.

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